Egyptian Cotton Collection

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Egyptian Cotton Collection

What is Egyptian cotton

  • Egyptian cotton refers to cotton exclusively grown in Egypt along the Nile River. The special growing conditions, high humidity and rich soil found in the area result in an extremely long-fibered cotton; 1(1/2) to 2(1/4) inches long. When woven into cloth the fabric is very strong and smooth to the touch. Thread count is 200 or higher. The thread count refers to the number of warp and weft threads to be found in a square inch of fabric.

What is Percale

  • Percale is a term that refers to the weave of the fabric as opposed to the fiber content. Percale is woven in a plain weave method which has the warp and weft threads intertwined to produce a checkerboard effect on the surface of the fabric. This results in a very strong, medium weight fabric that holds up well in the wash. The thread count of percale is generally around 200. This fabric can be made from 100% cotton or can be a blend of cotton and polyester

Egyptian cotton verses Percale.

  • Percale can be made from Egyptian cotton, this will be a very strong luxurious fabric and is highly valued for bedding. Since the term Egyptian cotton refers to the actual fiber it cannot be automatically assumed to be Percale. Egyptian cotton can be woven in any of the three usual methods not just in the plain weave of Percale. The other two types are satin weave and twill which each produce a distinct finish or sheen to the cloth.

Our Egyptian Cotton Collection features 100% Cotton in a Percale weave.