Toddler / Preschool Products

All products made using safe and non-toxic materials.
Your Childs safety is our No.1 Priority

 Toddler Midday Sleeper
Mattress / Sleeping Bag Combo

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Age 1yr - 2.5yrs (1200mm x 500mm)
Age 2.5yrs - 5yrs (1210mm x 600mm)

Pricing to be updated Shortly.

Activity / Co-Ordination Bags
Heavy Duty. Filled with Non-Toxic Resin Beads
Available in Red / Green / Blue and Yellow
Medium 75gm (100mm x 75mm) - Price to be updated shortly
Large 150gm (100mm x 150mm) - Price to be updated shortly

  Activity Aprons
For Boys and Girls

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 Clear PVC with Neck and Waist Drawstring
Clear PVC with Calico Backing and Character Motif
Small for Kids 3yrs to 5 yrs
Medium for Kids 6yrs to 9yrs