Garden and Outdoor Products

Although, the standard range, of beanbag  products, is equally at home indoors or outdoors,  we  have
decided to create a dedicated GARDEN and OUTDOORS range, specifically suited for the
garden, around the pool and patio.

The designs are new and funky with the emphasis on style and functionality. The fabrics, in all weather canvas, are in
the style of  Mediterranian Island ambiance, giving a bold but understated look. The colour palette will compliment
most if not all design desires, to both enhance and underpin that very personal style you wish to create.

Because of the fabric choice, the new range is weather resistant and can easily accommodate the wet from users
of your pool. Five designs are currently available, with more to follow.

In addition to the beanbag range, we have included  two additional items for this GARDEN and
OUTDOORS menu, in the form of a Sling Bed Hamok and a Seating Hamok. Both come in useful
carry bags for ease of transport and are suitable for both garden and patio. All you need are
attachment points. Both are suitable for children and adults alike.

For both ranges, please see available fabrics and colours by CLICKING HERE

1.5m diameter x 34cm high
Variety of Colours Available
TANNA Junior
96cm x 35cm x 90cm
Variety of Colours Available
1.8m x 1.5m x 35cm
Variety of Colours Available
Seating Hamok
45cm x 45cm x 50cm
Variety of Colours Available
1.5m x 1.5m x 35cm high
Variety of Colours Available
1.06m x 35cm x 90cm
Variety of Colours Available
Sling Bed Hamok
2m x 1.3m
Variety of Colours Available